About Precision Tinting


At Precision Tinting, using our high performance films we can give you the design and the distinctive look and curb appeal that begs to be noticed. Dark and mysterious, conservative and classy or cool and sophisticated, we have the perfect tint for your needs. Automotive Window Tint looks great and also makes great economic sense.

Some of the benefits are:


Protect your vehicle upholstery from damaging sun and ultraviolet rays.


Helps reduce hot spots and Glare. Keeps your vehicle cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.


Give your family the privacy and security they deserve. Help block out unwanted people from seeing inside

Glare Reduction

Reduce annoying glare, resulting in more comfort for you and your passengers


Protect yourself and your vehicle. Holds tempered glass together!


Add resale to your vehicle. (Even on lease cars!)

Reduce Energy

Extend HVAC Life - Reduce demand on Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioner


Aesthetic Enhancement - Drastically enhance the look of your vehicle. Give it a sleek and stylish appearance.


Prevent theft in a smash-and-grab situation.